The Tanner Trilogy

Michele Venne Of Art and Air


The worst betrayals come from those closest to you… 

Carli Tanner, world-renowned photojournalist for International Views, captures exotic landscapes in Africa and a South American jungle. A telegram arrives to deliver the devastating news that her father is dead. Returning to Wyoming, the place of her childhood and Bear Tanner’s game preserve, Carli discovers that his death was no accident.

As a special request from the Director of the FBI, Agent Ethan Brooks is sent to Wyoming to assist the local law enforcement in identifying who killed Bear Tanner. Having lived only in the big cities on the East Coast, the wilderness of Wyoming and the new owner of Tanner’s Outdoor Adventures offer Ethan an opportunity to redefine his life.

Agent Brooks has a unique way of solving cases. He’ll need to employ all of his skills, and those of Sheriff Tanner, to determine if Bear’s murderer is also guilty of the threats against the Tanner siblings. Carli, her sister Samantha Tanner, who runs their father’s ranch in Colorado, along with Shaun Tanner, their brother and Sheriff of Centennial, Wyoming, realize the worst of betrayals come from those closest to them.

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When crime and death challenge their forgotten love, Samantha and Cole must decide if forgiveness is possible.

Samantha Tanner recently inherited Crystal Springs Farm, her father’s horse and cattle ranch in Durango, Colorado. Cole Branson, the cowboy-lawyer from the neighboring JAR-C Ranch, shares a history with Sam. One vicious act tore them apart.

When a ghost from Sam’s past escapes from prison, circumstances bring Sam and Cole together again. With an escaped convict in the area, and threats from an unknown source escalates, Cole’s memories of Sam spark the realization of his heart’s desire. Sam recognizes that Fate has presented them with a second chance, but will the outcome be the same? Sam and Cole struggle to determine the location of one criminal, while working to compile information regarding the menace that continues to plague the Tanner family. Crime and death challenge their forgotten love and force them to decide if forgiveness is possible.

Michele Venne Of Objects and Obsessions


With a secret exposed, will the story end where it all began?

Fiona Casey and her son, Ian, settle in at Medicine Bow Preserve with her new job as Head of Marketing for Tanner’s Outdoor Adventures. She is always ready to move on to the next town should Ian’s gift be discovered. When Fiona meets Shaun, she may believe her son that Wyoming could be her home.

Sheriff Shaun Tanner of Centennial, Wyoming, has enemies. As he compiles evidence to arrest the local bad boy, he investigates where his family’s nemesis has been hiding, and how to draw him out into the open. When dangerous events target his sister’s business, they lead Shaun to uncover the one behind all of his family’s troubles.

Shaun might hide his feelings and how he deals with them, but Fiona has a secret of her own. What if discovering the truth leads to a life neither of them expected?

Michele Venne Tanner Trilogy

The Tanner Trilogy Boxed Set

The three Tanner siblings learn that the greatest betrayal comes from those closest to them.

In Book One, Carli Tanner and FBI agent Ethan Brooks determine who pulled the trigger that ended her father’s life. Ethan protects Carli, while Carli decides if she will remain in Wyoming.

Book Two takes the reader to Colorado when a ghost from Samantha Tanner’s past escapes prison. Cole Branson offers to be Sam’s personal bodyguard. Sam is forced to face her greatest fear. 

Book Three brings the reader back to Wyoming. Sheriff Shaun Tanner becomes the center of a thwarted criminal’s revenge. From the depths of grief, he begins to unravel. Fiona Casey arrives in town for employment. Her son becomes the catalyst of the final scene.