The Tanner Trilogy

Of Art and Air by Michele Venne


When big-time murder comes to rural Wyoming, can a photographer and a fed survive deadly greed and bind their restless hearts?

Photojournalist Carli Tanner thrives anywhere. On assignment deep in the jungles of South America, she’s shocked to receive a telegram that her father has died. And when the free-spirit globetrotter immediately jets home to the sprawling hunting preserve, she finds a handsome FBI investigator hungry to track down his killer.

Agent Ethan Brooks has the uncanny ability to get inside the bad guy’s mind. But after his director calls in a favor, the big-city loner reluctantly agrees to head to the wild west where he meets the victim’s intriguing daughter. And when she saves him from hungry bears and gun-toting poachers, his admiration grows even as the culprit eludes his grasp.

As Carli digs through frustrating clues to search for suspects, she fears the threat looming over her family could strike at any time. And Ethan struggles to adapt to the rural landscape before the shadowy suspect takes out the fascinating woman who’s galloped into his life.

Can they serve justice and capture love, or will their feelings fall prey to another tragic death?

Of Art and Air is the nail-biting first book in the Tanner romantic suspense trilogy. If you like capable heroes, layered plots, and dangerous liaisons, then you’ll adore Michele Venné’s pulse- pounding tale.

Of Hoof Prints and Heartbeats by Michele Venne


She’s a survivor. He’s never forgotten her. Self-forgiveness is the toughest.

A serial criminal from her past haunts Samantha Tanner. As she deals with accidents and death on her ranch, she gets help from unlikely places.

Cole Branson’s memories of Sam are stirred when constant threats from an unknown source escalate. He realizes his heart’s desire, but will it be too late for them both?

Fate presents them with a second chance. Will they take it, or will the menace that continues to plague the Tanner family triumph?

Of Hoof Prints and Heartbeats is a gripping and compelling Book Two novel in The Tanner Trilogy. The past and present collide in a past love and a serial criminal, and you get to witness victories and defeats for the heroes and the villains.

Of Objects and Obsessions by Michele Venne


With a secret exposed, will the story end where it all began?

Fiona Casey and her son, Ian, settle in at Medicine Bow Preserve with her new job as Head of Marketing for Tanner’s Outdoor Adventures. She is always ready to move on to the next town should Ian’s gift be discovered. When Fiona meets Shaun, she may believe her son that Wyoming could be her home.

Sheriff Shaun Tanner of Centennial, Wyoming, has enemies. As he compiles evidence to arrest the local bad boy, he investigates where his family’s nemesis has been hiding, and how to draw him out into the open. When dangerous events target his sister’s business, they lead Shaun to uncover the one behind all of his family’s troubles.

Shaun might hide his feelings and how he deals with them, but Fiona has a secret of her own. What if discovering the truth leads to a life neither of them expected?

The Tanner Trilogy by Michele Venne

The Tanner Trilogy Boxed Set

Three siblings. Dangerous threats. One act changes their lives forever.

Betrayal, greed, and revenge bring two sisters and one brother closer together. From the wilds of Wyoming and Colorado, local law enforcement and the FBI discover who is behind the crimes against person and property. Carli and Ethan, Samantha and Cole, and Shaun and Fiona are given opportunities to find and hold on to love, as they rely on the support of family.

The mystery in Of Art and Air, second chances in Of Hoof Prints and Heartbeats, and a return to the beginning in Of Objects and Obsessions takes the reader on an intriguing and riveting ride.