Three-Month Plan

Posted On May 27, 2022

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I spent a couple of productive hours with my writing friend today. She brainstormed with me about titles and tiers and the future. I came prepared with a list! I read off my thoughts on serials for Patreon. She gave me ideas regarding not worrying about keeping the crime stories under 5,000 words. It’s a lot to squeeze in to so few pages! We talked about other projects, something I always have a lot of, even though it doesn’t balance with my available or schedule-able time. I shared my thoughts on a prequel and on a couple of nonfiction titles. When I got to the very short list of admin tasks, I felt like it was all doable… or at least making serious headway on my 3-month plan is doable.

With other things taken care of the last couple of days, I set myself up for starting on my plan. I spent 2 hours working on a nonfiction title today. I started the Word doc with the copyright page. Going off my notes, I wrote the Dear Reader page and composed a Table of Contents. Then I moved files around from 2 flash drives and my desktop so bits and pieces are now in folders where I can easily see what I’m working with. I’m cognizant that my multiple organizational ideas can be procrastination. But this time, it’s not 🙂 With the TOC and my notes, I feel pretty good about spending my allotted 2 hours/day to get this project done.

Easing into my 3-month plan, I’ll be able to take a look at my schedule I have set up starting tomorrow. Can I do 2-hours of nonfiction, take a lunch break, then work 2-4.5 hours on fiction? After dinner, can I take an hour (while watching baseball) and chip away at my few admin tasks? I’ll report back next Friday and share my results.

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