Time Crunch

Posted On June 23, 2023

Photo by Michele Venne

Sometimes wishes come true! I wished for more clients, and I got a lot of hours this week! I wished for Holly’s leg to heal, and after ten days, she’s doing really well! I wished for the beta reader to return my manuscript early, and she did! I wished for the narrator I really liked to return my email, and she did! What does this mean when everything comes together at once? A lot of tasks and not enough time!

The beta reader gave me great feedback on The Secret Gift. I’m so pleased that I’ll definitely use her services again. And because I wanted (and received) the manuscript early, I planned to have an extra day or two to do the rewrites before the deadline to upload on the platforms. However, this coincided with more paid hours, so I’ve swapped one wish for the other. And because I chose to finish a major admin task today, that’s two of my four days down for rewrites.

I’ve contacted the narrator who read the Tanner Trilogy. She has availability coming up in two weeks, but that means I have to get on another platform and figure out which title she can do next. I wished… I received… now for the work 🙂

The extra graphic content for Amazon is coming along nicely! My graphic designer is doing a fabulous job. I’m very excited to see the changes to my book pages. We’re about halfway done with my list of titles. No hard deadline on this, other than my designer is going on a three-week vacation. But I’ll take what she can get done before and after her trip.

A time crunch is trading energy from one project for another… which is most important? Which is most urgent? Which has a hard deadline that cannot be moved? And really, do I need seven hours of sleep each night? How do you determine where your energy goes?

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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