Posted On October 21, 2022

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Maybe it comes from understanding how life is, because when things are rolling along smoothly (and I recognize most moments when this is true), a part of me quivers, waiting for the next crisis, the next big decision, the not-so-smooth time that balances out those opportunities where I catch my breath. I wrote last week about things coming together all at once. It still seems I’m balanced on that precipice, waiting for the decision to be made to end the crisis, so I can breathe with the understanding that things are in balance; a day (or moment) of peace, a day (or moment) of trial.

I worked last week to finish the audio review for Of Objects and Obsessions. The narrator worked on edits. I’m waiting for her to do Chapters 29-38, the end of the book. It won’t take but a handful of minutes for me to review her edits and approve the files.

Because I was caught up in the audio files, I didn’t spend much time with Desert Zydeco. I did some writing on this project yesterday and today. Still amazed at how a few days off means the return is like knocking off the rust. I see the final scene. I’m not sure how to get there, but I’m nearly done. The day I’m in is the day Detective Lance Copeland arrests Dr. Jaime Rivera’s killer. I don’t know, maybe 10 pages left to write? 20?

My Patreon page awaits DZ. I’ve got a time limit on this experiment. I like to think I’m getting better at seeing what doesn’t work. Being okay with abandoning my efforts sometimes takes longer. Still excited about this project. Still want to fulfill what I envisioned, even if not on Patreon.

With the dissolution of my previous job, I’ve been figuring out what to do next. Who knew it would be… flabbergasting, confusing, difficult when it shouldn’t be. I see what’s available. I see what I can do. But this transition between my old job and the potential new one is harder than it should be.

Moving through this transition as expertly as possible with the audiobook, the serial, the Patreon page, the day job is confounding and exhausting. Maybe on the other side of these transitions will be the space to breathe… or not. I won’t know until I get there. So, in this moment, the peace is appreciated.

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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