Two Steps to the Left

Posted On August 26, 2022

Photo by Michele Venne

A couple of days ago, I let my graphic designer know that I had 12 pages left in the nonfiction. I figured I would finish it by Sunday and get it to beta readers early next week. I also told her that by the middle of next week, I would be through this round of edits on the novel and would have a final page count for her. Then I checked my email last night and saw a message from Findaway Voices that Of Hoof Prints and Heartbeats is ready for edits! They give the author 10 days to go through the recording. I have 16 hours to check. So, the nonfiction completion and the round of edits won’t be happening as soon as I’d hoped.

But on the list of book cover projects, my cover designer had a break in her other work and completed all 4 covers. The nonfiction, Building Fluency: Advanced Number Sense is ready to go, once I get a final page count so she can adjust the spine. The novel, The Bookie: Waldman Investigations Book 2, is also ready and awaiting a final page count. “The Raid: Waldman Investigations Short Story Prequel,” an ebook only, is also done. And today, she sent me concepts for an original (the other 3 are in a series so much of the graphics work was already done), “The Secret Gift” (also kind of a series). Because she’s on a time deadline, this is the first time I’ve gotten a cover before I’ve written the story!

My two steps to the left means I’m squeezing in a couple of hours every day to listen to the audio tracks AND that my 2 projects, so close to being done, will be postponed. My writing time for Desert Zydeco will also be sidelined. I’ll try to log at least 500 words a day, but I have the same 24 hours as everyone else. At least DZ has been coming easy and smooth. I decided that each episode needs a title. I’m not sure if I want to have murder in the title, the location, the occupation of the deceased, or something totally different. And with these two steps to the left, I get more time to decide.

Written by Michele Venne

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